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The cut rye is getting ready, now all we have to do is choose

Cutting rye to winterize seems a smart choice especially on non-drought prone soils, but what do we want with it?
Wim Govaerts

Fresh grass as cheap concentrate in 2022?

With forage supplies still rather high on most dairy farms and concentrate feed becoming expensive, fresh grass (grazing/stall feeding) can provide a nice season start.
Wim Govaerts

How important is cornstalk digestibility?

Cut corn is ubiquitous in dairy rations. The corn stalk is very low in protein, requiring correction with expensive protein. Better to combine the grain with protein-rich stalks from grass (clover)?
Wim Govaerts, Jef Aernouts

Fertilizer is blisteringly expensive ... cut back? Or are there alternatives?

Saving on fertilizer (even at very high prices) is not a good plan.
Jef Aernouts, Wim Govaerts

Optimal harvest, storage and use of corn

Some tips for making the most of your corn harvest.
Jan van Middelaar, Wim Govaerts

Maximizing raw milk per cow appears to be the big challenge

A look at energy content and other performance indicators of forage.
Wim Govaerts

Dairy cows apparently need to consume a lot of roughage

The second part of the Farmdesk analysis on the new performance indicators, where we take a deeper look at the influence of your feed material choice.
Wim Govaerts

High milk production in an efficient way proves the challenge

Part 1 of the Farmdesk analysis on the new performance indicators, with a focus on milk production and efficiency.
Wim Govaerts

Farmdesk Performance Indicators

Get visual insight into your techno-economic performance and see at a glance where you can improve.
Jef Aernouts

Drystock & young cattle rations

A new approach in Farmdesk for more accurate rationing.
Wim Govaerts

Fresh grass module in Farmdesk

More details on the development of the fresh grass module in Farmdesk.
Wim Govaerts

Cost management own feeds

An overview of new updates in Farmdesk in terms of feedstuffs.
Jef Aernouts

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