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  • Daya Will

    Daya provides agricultural support in Farmdesk, both internally and externally. Based on her passion for agriculture, she guides dairy farmers, analyzes datasets, conducts hands-on research and evaluates user experiences.


Nice reflection of the growing season in the 2023 grass (clover) silages

The cold spring, the dry June month and the growing autumn are standouts of the 2023 grass season. On average, nice grass silage was won with excellent quality.
Daya Will, Wim Govaerts

A late-started 2023 corn season still resulted in good quality

The 2023 corn season brought challenges, mainly due to a very wet and cool spring. Fortunately, the growing weather during the (after) summer brought relief. Overall, the quality of silage corn was high.
Daya Will, Wim Govaerts

Adding mixing silage in Farmdesk

Mix pits, also known as "lasagna pits," are commonly used in practice. Read here how to get started with them in Farmdesk.
Daya Will

How silage corn boosts milk production: analysis on starch, DVE and VEM

In this article, we analyze the relationship between starch on the one hand and VEM and DVE on the other hand to better depict the milk-driven nature of silage corn.
Daya Will, Jef Aernouts

Updated standard fertilizer costs for 2023-2024 season

Fertilizer costs in 2023 were remarkably lower than those in 2022, so we adjusted the standard fertilizer cost prices in Farmdesk. A brief overview.
Daya Will, Jef Aernouts