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Farmdesk Dairy

Control your feed management

Get visibility into key figures, feed smarter with the app, optimize cropping plans, evaluate rations, compare with other farms ... and increase the profits. For dairy farmers and farm owners. 

Key modules


Create crop rotations with the highest technical and economic yields.


Evaluate rations with the most user-friendly tool available. Create loading lists and load your mixer.


Your milk data is automatically synchronized. Smart algorithms help keep an eye on things.


Analyze your feed cost, feed profit and other performance indicators. Compare with others and make adjustments where you can.


Communicate with your farm advisor of choice. Fast and efficient, also accessible via the mobile app.

Farmdesk Dairy

Performance indicators

Based on a dozen key figures, you can look through your farm and make necessary adjustments.

Feed management and costs

Automatically link with silage analyses from different labs. Calculate feed prices and compare with market prices.

Milk data

View graphs of your milk data and get automatic feedback on potential issues.

Ration calculation

Create, analyze and compare rations tailored to your herd. Discuss with your feed consultant or get started yourself.

Crop planning

Let the Farmdesk algorithm automatically calculate the most economical cropping plan, taking into account your specific requirements.


Contact your expert through the app and keep on top of the latest software updates and informative Farmdesk publications.



  • Crop planning

    Calculate a cropping plan that fits your farm.

  • Feed Management

    Evaluate nutritional values of different feeds. Calculate their cost and compare with market figures.

  • Rations

    Analyze your rations with the most user-friendly tool. Make adjustments for better results and higher feed profits.

  • Loading lists on mobile

    Feed your cows daily with the convenient smartphone app.


  • Milk production

    Get insight into your milk production and contents. Milk data is automatically read in.

  • Benchmark

    Compare your current figures with previous years and with other farms.

  • Notifications

    Be automatically notified in case of abnormal fat, protein, urea and somatic cell count values.


  • Performance indicators

    Evaluate your company's key performances in an instant.

  • Company Report

    Get a comprehensive monthly report with 30+ key figures.

  • Compare

    See where your farm stands, compare with the Farmdesk Top, Farmdesk Mid and Farmdesk Low groups, and make adjustments where possible.


  • Automatic advice

    Smart algorithms provide feedback on your milk production, milk yields and rations.

  • Personal advice

    Pair your Farmdesk with a third-party advisor of your choice.

  • Updates

    Get instant messages from the Farmdesk team on product updates.

  • Publications

    Read our agricultural analysis and expert articles on all kinds of topics.

Also available

Farmdesk Dairy for goats

Farmdesk Dairy's logic also works for the dairy goat farm.

Farmdesk Dairy for sheep

A modified version of Farmdesk Dairy also increases profits in dairy sheep farming.

Want to optimize
your dairy farming activity?

Are you in the dairy farming business? Farmdesk Dairy can help you get more out of your activity.