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New website for revised business strategy

Jef Aernouts

Farmdesk was founded in January 2018 by Wim Govaerts, Przemyslaw Klosiewicz and myself; three complementary individuals with the ambition to innovate agriculture. Our initial focus was to market the Farmdesk feed management tool, aiming primarily at dairy farmers as end customers.

Wim and I have many connections "in the field" and are not blind to the societal challenges facing the sector. As such, it soon became apparent that our ideas and ambitions extended beyond a single product.

In addition to the farmer himself -who will always maintain a central role in our approach- interest from other parties in the sector gradually emerged, which has already resulted in a few projects.

So it's time to revise the website in line with our adapted business strategy.

"We connect the dots"

Farmdesk distinguishes itself by integrating software development, agricultural knowledge and data engineering into innovative solutions.

  • In our product development we attach great importance to a user-oriented approach.
  • We have theoretical as well as practical knowledge of agriculture and understand farmers.
  • Complex systems are analyzed by our data experts and translated into insights.

Our 3 solutions

As our first spearhead, we offer Custom Development to companies in the agricultural sector. Our custom development ranges from agricultural calculation tools and commercial software to complex algorithms and data analysis.

To respond to industry challenges related to climate, there is Farmdesk Climate: a "semi-finished product" that we tailor to customer needs. Business oriented towards dairy processors and other stakeholders, but with due consideration for the farmer.

Finally, we continue to offer our initial feed management tool for dairy farmers and advisors; it is called Farmdesk Dairy as of now. It is marketed by ourselves and through third-party vendors.

"We love agriculture. It's a passion that drives us every day. We also understand the challenges it faces. That's why Farmdesk is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for agriculture ."

About the authors

  • Jef Aernouts

    Jef Aernouts is the manager of Farmdesk. With experience as a product developer, a PhD in Physics and a farming background, he is the connecting bridge between digital innovation and on-farm practice.