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Dehusked wheat in Farmdesk

Jef Aernouts

Dehusked wheat or soda train is a common feed material. Quite a few farmers make it themselves by mixing wheat with water and caustic soda.

In Farmdesk, the final product is available as a single concentrate feed (feed values in the figure below are per kg of product; to know these per kg of dry matter, divide by 0.75).

Making decorticated wheat as a feed mix

There are Farmdesk users who make their own dehydrated wheat. They do not purchase it as a finished product, but mix their own wheat with water and the additive caustic soda. The standard mix is 87% wheat with 10% water and 3% caustic soda.

If the decorticated wheat is made in-house, it may be of interest to create this feed material in Farmdesk as a feed mix. In this way, one can

  • enter the effective percentages yourself
  • adjust the prices of the individual components
  • create a loading list for this mix for the feed mixer (only if a link to the feed mixer is activated)

To do this, an additive named "Caustic soda (3% for unlatched wheat)" has been added in Farmdesk. The feed values of this are set artificially so that when 3% of this additive is mixed together with 10% of water and 87% of wheat, the net feed values match the single product.

This way the ration score and technical key figures remain correct.

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  • Jef Aernouts

    Jef Aernouts is the manager of Farmdesk. With experience as a product developer, a PhD in Physics and a farming background, he is the connecting bridge between digital innovation and on-farm practice.