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  • Jolmer De Vries

    Jolmer de Vries works at KWS as a Seed2FEED specialist. Through accurate analysis he advises dairy farmers in a practical way. When advising, by listening carefully, he tries to find out the motivation and goal of the dairy farmer(s), which helps him to determine the right advice. He also supports, both nationally and internationally, his colleagues in the field of feed technology and deals with laws and regulations.


Managing feed profits using key figures

On quasi every dairy farm there is money to be made by retreating to our office for a short period of the week to balance our work and the results of the dairy cows.
Jolmer De Vries

Dealing with heating in corn silage

Due to the dry summer, a good number of corn plots were harvested dry and barren. This barrenness has made it quite a challenge to get the silage properly preserved. In this article more information about the consequences of heating in
Jolmer De Vries